Pinterest: Use it to redirect to your website!

Pinterest: Use it to redirect to your website!

It's not a secret! Pinterest It is the social network chosen par excellence to look for inspiration or images and videos, but did you know that you can use it to get more traffic on your website? Keep reading… we will tell you EVERYTHING.

When we talk about get traffic to our blog, we usually think of options such as Google Ads and email marketing strategies, leaving aside other platforms that have many benefits.

Pinterest is that platform you've ignored and can't keep doing it! Not only because it houses more than 170 million users from all over the world, but because your audience is highly engaged. People often use it to plan their lives, events, dreams, and future purchases, thanks to its board and pin methodology. 

Another reason is undoubtedly that your competitors may not be there. What does this mean? More possibilities to reach your audience and spread your content. 

If we still don't convince you...Pinterest for Business shared some statistics that will surely catch your attention!


  • 93% of pinners use Pinterest to plan purchases.

  • 87% of pinners bought something because of the content they saw on Pinterest. 

  • 72% of pinners say Pinterest introduces them to new brands and services.

  • 10 million recommendations are made on Pinterest every day.


Let's start optimizing your profile on Pinterest

To make a difference, you have to start on the right foot! If you are new to this social network, DO NOT WORRY, with this step by step you will be able to do it right from the beginning.


  • Create your company profile: 
  • Like all social networks, Pinterest also has the option to create a business profile, this will allow you to access the statistics to monitor the results of your boards and publications. 


  • Create pins according to your business:
  • How is the content on Pinterest? Simple… photos or videos. But, the science is in correctly grouping them into boards by theme. For example, if your company offers decoration services, it is best to create different boards such as: vintage decoration, modern decoration, minimalist decoration. 


  • Tell everyone to follow you on Pinterest:
  • The best publicity is your users, so add the Pinterest button on your website and also communicate it on your social networks. 


    How to upload pins and organize them by boards

    Now, let's get to work... Let's learn how to create boards and pins!

    First know the difference:

    Boards: They are, let's say, the categories or folders where the pins are stored. You must name them, according to the theme and save within them the pins that go according to that board. 

    Pins: This is what the content on Pinterest is called, they are all those photos, videos, infographics, collages, or whatever you want, and as we mentioned above, they are stored on the boards. 


    • To create a board: Go to your profile and hit the plus (+) and then dashboard


    • Give the board a name: Remember that it must be a name that encompasses everything that you are going to save there. Pinterest will give you the option to make it private, and then you can change that visibility. Finish by hitting the “create” button!



    • Now upload your pins: Already on your board, you will only have to look for the plus (+) and you will see a section called "create" there select "pin"



    • Add information and save: We are almost done. You only have to add the title of the pin, a description and most importantly the link where you want to redirect people. In this case, we created a Marketing Content board, uploaded a pin on trending audios on TikTok, created an appropriate description, and then placed the direct link to the Instagram post.



    • Clever! Save it: When you save it, your pin will be created and filed in its corresponding board and it will look like we show you in the following image. The best? People seeing your pin will be able to click and go directly to your Instagram post, blog or online store. 



    5 tips to get traffic with Pinterest

    1. SEO will be your best friend: When you create the descriptions as we teach you, offer context about your image, use relevant keywords. So the Pinterest algorithm will show people your pin when searching for something related to your topic.

    2. Don't forget to always add a link: Whenever you upload content (pins) add the link to your blog, website or social networks. If you forget this, you will not achieve the traffic goal. 

    3. Choose vertical images: Most Pinterest users use the mobile version, that is, on their phones. Because of this, vertical images perform better. In addition, with this format you will be able to create infographics, which are usually content that brings great results on this social network. 

    4. Review boards or pins similar to yours: The best thing about Pinterest is the creativity and inspiration it gives us, so keep an eye on what other users or companies post related to your content, so you can stay updated.

    5. Create a posting frequency: The Pinterest algorithm takes into account if you are frequently active on the social network, so spend about 10-15 minutes per day creating pins and interacting with other users, but be careful not to become spam. You need to have a frequency of use, but that doesn't mean you need to create pins every minute of the day.


    Using Pinterest is being at the forefront of trends. It is a gold mine to generate traffic and visits to your blog, social networks or website. Do you dare to add it to your digital strategy?

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