The 7C's of Content Marketing

The 7C's of Content Marketing

We all know that the key to success in the marketing world is to present good content, but what is really good content? What defines it? What characteristics must it meet? Keep reading, because in this article we will tell you everything that content marketing implies and must comply with.

What is content marketing?

As its name indicates, it is a marketing technique that seeks the creation, presentation and dissemination of valuable, interesting, useful and relevant content to a specific audience (buyer persona), in order to increase the reach of potential followers. and/or clients. 

It is important to note that content marketing is not a strategy, that is, the content strategy is the previously established plan that will make the execution and effectiveness of content marketing possible. 

Now you will ask yourself, what are the criteria or characteristics that good content must meet? The short answer is: the 7C's of marketing. If you don't know what it is, keep reading!

The 7C's of Content Marketing

    • Quality: this could be the most essential criteria in content marketing. However, it is often the first thing we leave out, simply because we don't want to spend a day without publishing, but if you want to comply with your content marketing strategy, all your content must be of excellent quality. If it is a photo or a video it must be of very high resolution, if it is an informative post or a blogpost, the information must be original (no copy paste), the same as if you are going to publish an illustration. 

    • Quantity: there is no perfect number of publications per day or week that every company must comply with in its broadcast channels. Each one is responsible for discovering what is the amount that has the best results, in this sense it is very important to take into account which channel you are publishing on and the audience you are addressing. 

    • Shareable: Any post you make must be interesting enough for your audience to want to share it. This criterion also comes into play how well you know your audience. 

    • Connect: creating connections is the basis of any social network, because it is from this that a solid community can be created. All content that you publish must aim to connect with your buyer persona, either through emotions, or because you resolved a question they had for a long time, getting your audience to connect with your content is what will guarantee that they follow you and continue consuming everything you post. 

    • Creativity: nowadays the idea that you have to create completely your own content and that it is also something creative can be overwhelming, we can all run out of ideas, but for that it is important to have a work team or colleagues, with whom that you can talk to and perhaps give you a new perspective. It is also very helpful to take a break for a few days and come back with a fresh mind. 

    • Consistency: achieving positive results with content marketing is a process that takes time, and can only be achieved if you have a constant publication rate. If you need help with that, creating a content calendar and scheduling posts ahead of time will help you stay on track. 

    • Measurable: statistics are available in almost all broadcast channels, lean on them so that you can define what is working to continue doing it, and what is not, stop doing it. 

How it is applicable in RRSS and Web Writing

Now that you know the 7C's of Content Marketing, you might be wondering how can I apply this to my different broadcast channels?

In the first place, it is very important to clarify that not all dissemination channels are going to serve us to transmit our message. For example, all social networks are totally different, and therefore, each one works in its own way, which can have very good results in one, it can fail in another. 

That is why we must be clear about our objective, and the public we are going to address, and, based on that, choose the communication channels that are most convenient for us. Because it's useless if you're posting excellent content on Facebook, if your buyer persona doesn't use this network, but Instagram and TikTok, right?


So, summarizing everything we have already said, what you need to be clear about to carry out effective content marketing is:

  • Establish a strategy.

  • Know your buyer persona.

  • Define the communication channels that best suit your company.

  • Create content based on the 7C's of content marketing.


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