What should be the Number 1 Objective of your Website?

What should be the Number 1 Objective of your Website?

The number 1 goal of your website should be to generate a database. It's that simple. According to a study done by B-School, 96% of your visits will not convert into sales. So, forget about sales, conversions and the pressure of turning your website into a lucrative space. Sales will come at another time, after generating a good database. 


In fact, there is a current trend that tells us that it is the mailings and newsletters that bring the largest number of conversions of all kinds, including sales. That's why when we talk about building a good database, we're not talking about the number of names on the list. We are talking about capturing the interest of people who are really interested in what you offer.


So what do you have to do on your website to build a quality database? Here we explain…


1. Don't say "goodbye" 


Do you have a lot of elements on the home page that drive your website traffic to places that are not important? Do you have links to the blog, social networks and other internal or external pages, such as special landing pages, for example? If the answer is yes, we advise you to make some adjustments.


First, don't say "goodbye" to your community. In other words, it is no use building your business on platforms that you do not own (eg Facebook, Instagram, Unbounce, to name a few). Obviously, every company needs a social presence, and it is certainly interesting to cultivate a blog, but to generate a good database you must do everything you can so that people reach the home page of your website and join your list of mailing. Do not stray from that goal.


So, fewer home links, fewer calls-to-action, fewer banners selling whatever, and fewer invitations to do things other than join the mailing list. If people want to buy, they will find a way to get to the shop on their own. Having the shop in the menu is enough. The same can be said of the blog. As for social networks, leave them in the footer. Give your target a reason to join your mailing list, changing it when relevant, and you're done. The home of your website does not need anything more than that.


2. What are your business goals?


Before launching into the design and content generation of your website, you must accurately identify your most important business objectives.


For example… Do you think that the target lacks information? If you are part of an emerging industry or if you are offering little-known products, you are going to have to give your audience reasons to trust your brand. You're going to have to explain why what you have to give is good for him. The public that does not understand the value of the product or service does not buy or contract. 


Another example… Perhaps your most important goal right now is to differentiate yourself from the competition. If so, your website needs to demonstrate what it is that makes you different. You must create and communicate the incentives and/or benefits that one receives for being part of your brand's community. The modern consumer is increasingly loyal to generous brands. Do not talk about offers and discounts. Educate and inspire.


When you have exactly defined your most important business objectives, you can start adjusting text, image and content on your website so that everything you see there is working according to it. In addition, you can give the target better reasons to join the mailing list. And that, as you know, should be the number 1 goal of your website today.


3. Simplicity and Audience


If you want people to join your mailing list, which is what we are advising today, the design of your home must be very simple: a clean design, with a basic, direct and clear promise.


In fact, make sure that navigation throughout the website is easy and that there is a balance of colors that is not distracting. The font size should be large, to be easily read on mobile, desktop, or tablet, and if you are targeting a larger audience, it might be worth increasing it even more. 


The invitation to join the newsletter, to enlarge the database, must be related to your main business objective. That is, if you know that you have to educate the public before targeting sales, the invitation must include an educational incentive.


Finally, the key is that the design – the text, the images, the colors, etc. – are attractive and generate good connections with the people you want in the database. Let's go back to tracing that today the success of digital marketing is in mailing campaigns and content marketing strategies. If you want older people to buy your products or hire your services, the colors, the call to action, the text, EVERYTHING must resonate with that audience so that your database is not long, but valuable.


Need help? Do you feel a little overwhelmed? Growing a business is not easy, but we are here to help and accompany you. Do we talk?

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