Create your personal brand and learn how to promote it with these tips

Create your personal brand and learn how to promote it with these tips

If we tell you the word personal brand, what do you think it is? Perhaps you thought of all your favorite influencers, but the reality is that a personal brand encompasses much more than that. Yes, the influencers or better known now as content creators, have worked to create a positioning in the digital world. However, you do not necessarily have to dedicate yourself to the field of entertainment or show business to be able to have your own personal brand. The was 2.0 has taught us that from a doctor to a bricklayer require promote yourself on digital channels for increase your sales and achieve recognition.

So if you're interested in creating your own personal brand and learning how to boost it, keep reading!

First, the basics: What is a personal brand?

Jeff Bezzo said, "Your personal brand is what they say about you when you're not around." Translation? It is what you transmit and that manages to influence the perception that others have about you. 

Analyzing a bit, we have always been a brand, even before the arrival of the internet. You do not believe it? Let's give an example. 

If we we move to the past, and we imagine a stylist specializing in wedding hairstyles, and, we take into consideration that this person does not have access to current tools. What would your process have been like to achieve your personal brand?

would probably prove through your work, how good he is in his profession (that is, if we move him to now, he would create valuable content). On the other hand, his recognition would increase if your clients they exercise the "word of mouth" recommending it (in the same way that is currently done with comments on social networks or posts shared in stories).

That being said, clearly personal brands have always been around, only today there are new tools and even more knowledge to achieve our goals.

Benefits of having a personal brand

Working on your personal brand has many benefits. Starting mainly by improving your professional positioning. Here we share some benefits.

  • You will find potential clients, business opportunities and work.
  • You can aspire to improve your job position.
  • You will have influence and voice in your sector.
  • You will be able to start your own business.
  • You will add value and knowledge with other professionals.

How to work the personal brand?

The personal brand must be born from oneself, from our essence, but obviously it can be shaped and worked in the way you like, always taking into account the objectives and purposes that we set ourselves. 

But what does this personal brand development entail? It brings with it an exercise in personal development and introspection that consists of recognizing what we want to transmit and what we want to communicate to our users.

It is important to mention that, on many occasions, we start working on personal branding when we are looking for new professional opportunities and this should be done at all times, since it does not matter if we are about to undertake a project, a personal brand undoubtedly contributes to professional growth and it will give you a greater opportunity to stand out from the competition. 

5 key elements to create and promote your personal brand

    1. Be yourself: Being authentic is the fastest way to connect with someone because you are being yourself. And this initiative works as an excellent marketing strategy on instagram, as well as on other social networks.

    2. People buy from you when they believe in you, when they trust you: Start telling your story, your trajectory, how you started your personal brand, what you learned along the way, what is your purpose, why do you sell what you sell.

    3. Set clear and realistic goals: It is useless to start the path of personal brand development without clear and realistic objectives.

    4. Define your target audience: This point is common in many marketing strategies. Strive to create a detailed profile of the audience you want to target.

    5. Create an action plan and get started!: You know where you start from, you have set your objectives and you have a faithful and detailed profile of your target audience. It's time to get into action. What steps do you need to take? What is the best way to improve it?


 Creating your personal brand will undoubtedly make you achieve great results! Do you dare to try it?




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