Coworking: the new way of working

Coworking: the new way of working

The coworking revolution is here and it is here to stay. If you are an entrepreneur, have a remote job or freelance you should consider having a private office or a desk in a Brainbox, for you or your employees.

One of the most significant benefits of having a coworking space is that it gives you more flexibility than traditional offices. Brainbox allows you to use a space for as long as you need, be it days, weeks or months.

Another benefit of working in a coworking is that this space provides you with an environment conducive to productivity and collaboration. At Brainbox we have common areas where our community meets to share ideas or chat while having a coffee, lunch or simply resting on their break.

In addition to flexibility and community, we also give you accessibility. We are strategically located between Wynwood, Midtown and the Design District (Miami) close to public transportation, restaurants and businesses.

All services are included in your Membership, so you don't have to worry about paying for electricity, internet, cleaning, or all the supplies you need when you have your own office.

We offer you a perfect environment for the productivity with many valuable amenities including: conference room, podcast recording studio, photo studio, home for your business, event space, and networking opportunities.

There are countless reasons why having a private office on Brainbox could benefit your business, but the flexibility y profitability, compared to traditional offices, are the main ones. 

Social impact

  • 82% of members report having expanded their network.
  • 89% of partners say they are happier in their jobs after joining a shared workspace and 83% feel less lonely.
  • 69% of members report being more productive when working in a variety of settings during the work day.
  • 70% of people who work in a coworking report having learned new skills by sharing the workspace.

global demographics

  • The average age of the members of the coworking around the world is 36 years and 83% of the members do not exceed 40 years.
  • Since 2019, 50% of affiliates are women.
  • 20% of members work in IT and 42% are freelancers.
  • 80% of partners worldwide have a university degree.

Unlike other coworkings, at Brainbox we have a program called Brainpower. These are free consultancies for entrepreneurs, dictated by our business coach, Dalia Vetencourt. In addition to these consultancies, Dalia generates very valuable content for entrepreneurs, which is published on all our digital platforms: blog on the website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and is freely accessible.

Brainbox is not just a workspace, it is an incubator and for this reason we support our members and entrepreneurs with launch events and presentations, thus generating networking and visibility in the community.



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