Keys to creating good digital content

Keys to creating good digital content

This is not the time to cook but today we give you the recipe so that you can create good digital content that impact, connect, inform and add value. The era of persuasive and intense content to sell is over! Today, users demand more from brands, they are interested in learning and consuming attractive and easy-to-understand information, bluntly and with a lot of PUNCH, that is. ATTITUDE AND PERSONALITY.

Now, what do we mean by digital content? It includes social networks, blogs, newsletters... In other words, any content that we can spread over the Internet. 




It is also important to take into consideration that the recipe for good content also has as its main ingredients the support of an attractive design or good video recording and editing.

Most of the time, a person will come to your content and seek to connect with you because:

  • You motivated him with an inspiring post.
  • You helped him learn some new information.
  • Your content has been useful to them because it has helped them solve a problem.
  • What he read seemed entertaining and interesting. 

After that connection, your users will most likely subscribe to your blog, newsletters or follow you on social networks.




How to know if a content is of quality?

The digital world is full of information and not in all cases the content is valuable and attractive. So to compete you must make a difference, give that extra touch to your users. 

For a piece of content to be considered successful, let's say it must meet these requirements:

  • It must be original and have personality.
  • Relevant, useful and easy to share.
  • It must have a specific end, an objective.
  • It has to be written in the communicational tone that best suits your brand.

Being able to determine that valuable content is really of quality is somewhat subjective, however, the ones who will help you determine it will be your audience and the results or statistics that you obtain at the time of publishing. 

The best advice we can give you is: listen to your audience, read their comments, apply their recommendations and ask them what they want to see. Nothing better than being a brand that meets the needs of its audience.




Recipe: 5 ingredients to create good content 



Now yes, let's go to the content creation kitchen! If you use these ingredients, we are sure that you will succeed. 

Identify your themes: Before creating any content, choose the topics to develop. Write them down in a list format or create a content calendar. 

Save content ideas related to what you want to do: Use Pinterest, Instagram or TikTok to save inspiration and see it when you start writing and creating. 

Organize the information: Once you choose the topics and keep in mind the inspirational posts, organize how you are going to cover the content and what the main points will be.

Pick a good time to write: Take a moment of the day or an opportunity in the week to dedicate yourself only to writing, do it in a quiet space and always at a time when you do not feel stressed or frustrated.

After writing, transform the content into different formats: It is important that you write everything down, before you start recording or creating designs with the information. In this way you will save time and you will be able to define in which format the created content can do better. 



Creating content has to be fun! So now use all these tips to improve and impact everyone. 



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