Start on TikTok from scratch and learn to grow on this social network

Start on TikTok from scratch and learn to grow on this social network

TikTok is undoubtedly the social network of the moment and its growth is UNSTOPPABLE! In addition, its video format has shown us that there are thousands of creative possibilities to display and consume content. It has become almost a routine for users to spend hours and hours on this social network… and of course…. IT'S ADDICTIVE AND FRESH!

But… What is the panorama like if you are a COMPANY? Today we tell you...

TikTok for companies, everything you need to know

The first thing is GET OUT OF THE BOX! If you think that TikTok is only about a platform for comedy and choreography videos, you are wrong! The reality is that it is an excellent platform to create content in a very creative way and offers you many possibilities to go viral, thanks to its algorithm. 

After all… TikTok has more than billion active users, that means it is the place to see and be seen. Your future clients are there! Your brand can undoubtedly position itself and interact with its audience in a completely different and beneficial way if you include it in your social media strategy. 

Let's get started: How to create your business profile on TikTok?

If you already have your personal TikTok account, it will be very easy to change it to the business account. If this is your case, read from point number 4!

          1. Download and open the TikTok app

          2. Create a new personal account. The app offers you to do it using your email or your Google, Twitter or Facebook account.

          3. Toca profile in the bottom right corner, and then tap edit profile. Here you can add a profile picture and a short description, as well as link to your social networks.

          4. To change the account to business, touch the 3 stripes from the upper right corner in your profile and select settings and privacy. Then touch manage the account. 

          5. Add your email address and voila!

Now that you know the benefits and how it works… We leave you 4 TRICKS to position your brand on TikTok and grow on this social network!

  • Follow the trends: 

If you are new to TikTok, we bring you up to date… In this social network it is very common to see similar video styles or popular audios. The interesting thing about this is the millions of creative possibilities behind these trends. Therefore, we recommend you follow the challenges, themes and styles YOUR WAY and according to YOUR BRAND'S VOICE to get on the skates and be in tune with the most trendy and achieve interactions.

Check out this example! KFC celebrated its 70th birthday with a SUPER COOL video, they used the trend of making cake videos to leave their users obsessed in just 44 seconds. Did you expect a common video about fried chicken? na! Everything on TikTok is done in the most unpredictable and fun way possible.


Happy birthday to us ☺️✨

♬ original sound - KFC
  •  You must be constant: 

The TikTok algorithm is a blessing, but if you're not consistent it can become your worst enemy. Influencer Marketing Hub in 2018, commented that more than a million videos were uploaded on TikTok a day. Complete madness! That means that the competition is UNSTOPPABLE, therefore, it is best that you upload several videos daily. 

Our recommendation? Take a day to create content and upload at least 2 or 3 daily, chances are that some of them will go viral or be close to it.  

  •  Make duets!

Dual videos are a type of content available on TikTok where you pick a post from another user, record yourself doing the same (or trying) and it is posted to the app in split screen. 

This video is very useful because it is attractive and refreshing, since it is not the usual content that you can see on other social networks. 

Check out this example! Spotify used a viral video where a boy taught his grandmother to correctly pronounce the word SPOTIFY, the lady ended up saying something funny and the brand made a DUO video where the name was changed. 

@spotify She's not wrong 👏 @Samuel Morin #latinheritagemonth ♬ original sound - Spotify
  •  Edit your content before uploading:

As we mentioned before, there are so many videos that people watch daily on TikTok that you need to stand out in some way against the competition. 

Edit your video before uploading it, add effects, music from the app that is trendy and add a description with popular hashtags related to your content. 

Check out this example! Netflix Latin America wanted to present the protagonists of its new series WINX. To edit their video they simply used the app's tools, adding creatively appearing text and some emojis.

@netflixlat Her name is Paulina, but you can also call her Flora 🌸✨ #Winx #WinxClub #DestinoLaSagaWinx #Flora #Series #NetflixSeries ♬ Bloom. Destiny. The Winx Saga. -Netflix Latin America
  •  Share your profile on other social networks:

TikTok is in fashion! Buuuut… Your company may have an account here and many of your customers and followers from other networks don't know about it. So you have to advertise on other platforms that you are already present here to bring your community to your profile! Add it everywhere: web, newsletters or post.

  • Analyze your progress and learn from your mistakes:

TikTok for companies offers statistics. Do not forget them and keep them in mind! You should also be very aware of which videos have attracted the most people. In this way, you will be able to better understand your audience and find your line of content.  


Do you dare to add TikTok in your social media strategy? Don't forget to follow us on Instagram to read more TIPS that will help you learn and undertake. 

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