Position yourself on Instagram with these 6 HACKS

Position yourself on Instagram with these 6 HACKS

Who doesn't love Instagram? They can create thousands of social networks but without a doubt, this one takes the number one position in our hearts and is positioned as the best digital tool to make yourself known regardless of whether you are a large or small brand. 

Surely you already know how it works and what you must do to have an Instagram account, how to publish content and the thousands of alternatives that it can offer you, but... If you really want to position yourself on this social network and achieve real goals DON'T MISS THESE 6 HACKS!




How to position yourself on Instagram: techniques, tips and tricks

One of the keys to achieve growth in your community, connect with it and get interactions, is to share quality content, what we call: "valuable content" The main objective of which is to generate an impact on audiences, always giving them a lesson or solution that solves a problem. 

This is something that the Instagram algorithm rewards and values, because if your audience is truly interested in your posts, they will be considered relevant and there will be a much greater visibility boost. 

Now that you know this, let's go with the 7 HACKS to position yourself on Instagram!

  1.  Your profile is your cover letter!

 Nobody is going to understand what you sell or what you do if you don't have a well-optimized profile and BEWARE! Please do not forget to have your public account and business profile to access your statistics and see your progress. 

Take these tips into account:

  • Username: It is super important that your Instagram username is the same as your company name and we recommend that it be the same as the one you use on your other social networks, so your users will find you easily.


  • Profile picture:  Like your ID, identity card or whatever you want to call it... Your social networks also need to have an image so they can recognize you. As a profile photo, if you are a company, you can use your logo or your flagship product. If you are a personal brand, use a photograph where your face is appreciated as much as possible. 


  • Biography: The famous BIO! In just 150 characters you must catch the user. We give you this formula: Write your slogan + what you offer + a call to action (call to action) inviting people to contact you through the direct link to WhatsApp or a linktree.




  •  2 Use hashtags as keywords!

To make yourself known and achieve that positioning, you must also optimize your publications. Most users won't search for you directly, but will be able to find you via a hashtag in a post you've made. 

At the branding level, it is important to have your own hashtags such as ours, #BrainboxLife #BrainboxPower. When you create them, you get a badge, which your users could then even use. 

However, you should not lose focus, which is, find new eyes (customers) so it is good that you use between 5 and 6 hashtags according to the theme of your post. This gives you the opportunity for others to find you.

Our master formula is: Include large (+1M) hashtags, medium (+100k - 900k) and small (-100k) hashtags




  • 3 Show your location in posts

Play with your location, don't limit yourself to just using the location of where you are physically. If you offer, for example, national shipments and you are in Venezuela, you can put in your post cities where you can sell. The same happens with international companies, use locations from different countries and thus you will be able to attract the largest number of people by segmenting by their location.




  • 4 Lean on influencers and do paid advertising

Yes, influencer marketing exists and it is super important. Betting on it will give you benefits in your social media strategy. Here the essential thing is to know how to find the right person, that is, not all influencers are going to suit you. It must be someone who meets some characteristics such as:

  • Consider their interactions and no, we are not talking about followers. 
  • It must resemble your brand and your users, since it must connect with them.
  • Important: its content, verify that it is related to what you communicate.




  • 5 Encourage interaction, create communities! 

The more interaction you have, the better your account will be. Followers are important, but a bunch of people who don't speak, give their opinion or generate something extra for you is worthless. So DO NOT buy followers! Your north should be to create community. 

To start you can take into account the following:

  • Create contests or dynamics where your users participate.
  • Consider launching your own challenges (challenges) to give your followers a space.
  • Add calls to action, ask them things like: Did you like this post? What do you think about this? 
  • Interact with other accounts, brands are becoming more human and it is super necessary that you maintain contact with other accounts.
  • Respond to ALL comments, no matter if they are negative or positive. Social networks are also like the real world. Can you imagine talking to someone in person and not responding?
  • Use stories and engagement tools like polls, quizzes, and question boxes. So you can know the opinion of your followers and take them into account. 



  •  6 Analyze the results and please do not mortify yourself, enjoy your process!

As in any marketing strategy, you must analyze what your best content and actions have been. To improve them or continue replicating them. Always remember that you have to create content by and for your audience. 

Finally, analyze your competition, take a look at what they do and how, you can seek inspiration and keep up with market trends. 




These hacks will help you position yourself on Instagram! Apply them and don't forget... In the digital world everything is trial and error. Observe, analyze and apply!



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