10 Reasons Why Marketing Matters

10 Reasons Why Marketing Matters

Although we know that strategic planning and a business plan are important to carry out a successful venture, emotional support is also a fundamental and necessary part of this journey. To that end, we have created this space to share experiences and help you shorten some paths, thus generating a support service at your fingertips. 

Many times we have very good ideas and purposes but it is difficult to put together a strategy that leads us to the goal we want, they can talk to us and give us a thousand and one marketing tips on what to do and what not to do but if you do not start from the beginning nothing good will come. 

For us, effective marketing begins when you understand and connect with your target audience. Don't start a business just to make money, start it to make a difference and the money will come. Without discipline, without focus and without a plan there is no success, that is why I believe that Marketing Matters. 

Marketing is an invaluable management tool and is essential to carry out a development strategy for your business. The marketing plan you carry out will allow you to identify market opportunities, set goals and find a way to achieve your strategic objectives.

Having said that, you can already deduce the importance of a marketing plan. It lies in the fact that it provides the company with a clear vision of its objectives and the path it must take to achieve them. Additionally, it allows to optimize and achieve the best use of essential resources such as time, budget and effort that contribute to obtaining the maximum possible return on the investment made. 

But in addition to all this there are 10 basic reasons that you should take into account, let's see what they are!

  • Contributes to the development of an action plan

  • Since the marketing plan is an essential tool for the growth of your business, you must develop and describe an action plan oriented and according to the market segment you want to reach. 

  • Help you get to know your target audience better

  • Knowing who your client will be is one of the most important issues, and in times when you have to think carefully about where to allocate resources, avoiding as much as possible wasting time, money and, above all, energy, is essential.

    Thanks to marketing you will be able to define your market niches that you can target directly. Thus, if you manage to know and understand the consumer you want to target, offering them the quality they are looking for, you will create a strong relationship with them and your sales will increase significantly.

  • You can minimize the risks

  • In the world of marketing, as in any field in general, any action that is implemented without prior analysis and planning poses a risk of failure and a waste of resources. Creating a marketing plan tailored to your goals will serve as a practical operations guide that will indicate which way to go. In this way, risks are minimized during the execution of the plan.

  • It serves to detect and understand changes in the external environment

  • It is important that you have an overview of the competition in the market. This consists of knowing what they are doing, whether they are developing new products, hiring new employees or preparing partnerships. Knowing the actions of competitors will allow you to predict changes in your environment with a higher percentage of effectiveness. In this way, you can adjust the plans and strategies that you can implement in the future.

  • It helps to evaluate the performance of the different departments related to the area of ​​marketing and sales.

  • Many companies make the mistake of analyzing the performance of the sales department separately, without taking into account the progress in achieving the objectives established by marketing. Part of the importance of the marketing plan is that it allows linking and continuous monitoring of the achievement of the objectives set. 

  • You can increase productivity

  • One of the 'secrets' is to be able to reach the hearts of your (potential) clients in a non-intrusive way, knowing what they are looking for at all times and offering it to them with the least possible effort on your part. Choosing the right tools will help you in the process of optimizing your time, resources and routine. 

    Always think about how much time you would save if you could automate many of the actions you currently do by hand, such as email flow, data analysis, lead attraction and conversion.

  • It helps you analyze results and make accurate decisions

  • Just as you can't drive a car if you don't see the panel, that happens with companies; you won't be able to manage them if you can't see what's happening at each phase of customer acquisition.

    Understanding the results generated at each stage of the new customer acquisition process is essential to understand where to focus your actions in order to optimize the business. At each stage there are metrics to analyze the attraction, for example how many people visit the site or how many people leave their information and become leads. 

  • Helps increase sales

  • Just as the “car dashboard” allows you to know the metrics and understand the performance of the car, marketing also works for your company since it allows you to monitor it.

    You can see how your company's "machine" is working at a given moment and when to add gasoline or oil. This will allow you to know where to invest more, where to pay more attention to generate better results and, above all, sell more. 

  • You can attract new customers

  • Regardless of what your business is, your relationship will be with people, so the idea here is that, to attract new customers, you can provide them with information so that they can solve the needs or problems they have regarding your product, creating quality content that is attractive and that positions you as a reference in the market.

    The formats you can offer are:


    It is one of the fundamental pillars in any strategy. It consists of a space where you can create and share relevant content, of high quality and value, in order to retain your target audience. Blogs generate trust, leads and are the spokespersons for brands.

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

    Positioning in search engines and organic search engines, that is, those that are not paid. It is the process to improve the visibility of a website in order to increase traffic and the possibility of monetization.

    Landing Pages:

    To convert visitors into leads. It is a web page specifically designed to obtain conversions and transform visitors into leads or customers.

    Social Networks​:

    The creation and nurturing of a community is essential. Relevant content designed for this community is the key to establishing your brand presence. 


    It is your direct contact with your target audience through email. You can adapt the content according to each user.

  • Tand help keep customers

  • Customer loyalty with your company is a fundamental factor for your business. In critical moments, where you have to save as much as possible, being able to keep customers is very important, since investing in acquiring new ones is useless if they are not going to become regular customers.

    Since you know the importance of the marketing plan, you can more effectively achieve the strategic objectives of the company. The marketing plan is the way forward to achieve those goals. The strategies and techniques for the best use of your company's resources and an analytical study of the market. With all this information and proper execution, the return on investment is made in less time.

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